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Sound Design and Composition

I have worked on various sound and music creation projects across different media including film, theatre and poetry. My home studio facilities - combined with my performance skills on multiple instruments and technical expertise - allow me to create sound design and composition projects through all stages to industry standard production quality. I am comfortable working in many styles and make a point of taking time to liaise with the creative team to serve the vision and direction of projects I am involved with.

You can hear examples of my work at

My credits include:

  • Swings and Roundabouts by Sophie Ross and Emma Edwards - composition, sound design and performance for a "comedy musical that unpacks the Swings and Roundabouts of the first year of parenthood." The R&D in March 2021 and tour in 2022.

  • Rhia and the Tree of Lights by Quirk Theatre. Composition and sound design. "Following the journey of a British-Indian girl living on the Jurassic Coast who comes across a dusty old box whilst preparing for her last Diwali in her childhood home. Exploring both ancestry and modern lives, climate change and complex rural worlds, Rhia celebrates cultures, family and the places we call home. A hilarious, heartwarming, epic adventure story for all ages."

  • Jack & Jill and the Landfill by Moth Physical Theatre 2022 - Composition / Songwriting - an interactive adventure for children aged 3+ and their grown-ups. Using puppetry, songs and physical storytelling to look after our homes and the planet, proving there’s fun to be had in working as a community to create change.

  • Friends For All by Simon Mole and Peader Kirk - A piece blending spoken word and theatre and commissioned by the V&A museum alongside their exhibition You Say You Want A Revolution. Aimed at a younger audience and empowering them against authority and bullying, the show Toured nationally in 2017-2018 with Half Moon Theatre. I composed an original soundtrack taking influences from 60s music up to modern day hip hop and dance.

  • Diary of a Hounslow Girl by Ambreen Razia - Sound design and production on this nationally touring one woman theatre show. The show examines the struggle of a young muslim woman in Hounslow dealing with the pressures of conflicting cultures. The show toured in 2016-17, and I created the sound design for the Audible book in late 2018.

  • POT by Ambreen Razia - Sound design, composition and production for 3 handed theatre show which debuted at Ovalhouse Theatre in 2017 and toured the UK in Autumn 2018. The piece deals with gang violence in London and its implications.

  • Octopus by Vanessa Kisuule - composition and sound design for a theatrical work-in-progress, started in January 2020.

  • PUMP UP the 90s and SOLO - Composition and sound design for 2 short films by Kathryn O'Reilly, 2019.

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