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Jonny grew up on a farm near Bristol and Bath, immersing himself in music during his teen years as he learned several instruments and began experimenting with music production and composition.


He moved to London to study at Brunel University, graduating in 2006 with a BA in Creative Music Technology. He began playing and producing with live electronic band Concrete Disco in 2010 and has been writing under the names Jonny Falls Over and Jung Sun since the mid-noughties.

With a wide range of expertise in production, composition and performance (including guitars, piano/keys, drums/percussion, bass and vocals) Jonny works in various fields and genres within music and pays his skills and passion forward in teaching a new generation of musicians.


His first theatre commission was with the youth group at Ovalhouse, and he has since gone on to score and sound design for numerous theatre and film projects. Jonny is now based in Bristol where he works from his home studio.


Credits include:

King Arthur (Le Navet Bete, 2023)

Mary the Pigeon Who Never Gave Up (Quirk Theatre, 2022) 

Rhia and the Tree of Lights (Quirk Theatre, 2021)

Swings and Roundabouts (Sophie Ross, 2021-22)

Jack, Jill and the Landfill (Moth Physical Theatre, 2022)

POT (by Ambreen Razia, 2018)

Wonder Girl (Ovalhouse, 2018)

Diary of a Hounslow Girl (by Ambreen Razia, 2016 theatrical production / 2018 Audible book)

Charmane (Vinnie Heaven, 2020)

Friends For All (by Simon Mole and Peader Kirk, 2016)

A Language We Both Know How to Sound Out (Raymond Antrobus, 2016).

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